Why choose polished plaster for your wet room?

If you’re planning to install a wet room to your home, in order to create a stylish and seamless finish, choosing polished plaster is one of the most popular solutions.

For over 30 years, here at Franco Finishes, we have been supplying our bespoke polished plaster for clients across London for a range of different applications. Wet rooms are one of the most popular ways to incorporate the sleek aesthetic of polished plaster into your home.

But what makes venetian plastering so great for these rooms? Our team of experts have compiled a list of reasons to choose our polished plaster when creating a new wet room, or updating your current one to achieve a fresh style.

You’ll Achieve a Luxurious Aesthetic

The appearance of polished plaster walls is not only extremely versatile, the finish you will achieve evokes pure luxury.

With the affordance of being able to choose a colour scheme and texture to suit your preferences, you can design your wet room to suit a style you admire, or to create a truly unique look.

Whether you choose your polished plaster to be smoothed, dragged, pitted or tinted, the finished aesthetic will be cool, sleek and very on-trend.

It’s Incredibly Practical

Polished plaster not only looks effortlessly chic and luxurious, but it is very well-suited for wet rooms for a number of reasons.

Its seamless nature reduces the time you’d spend cleaning grout with standard bathroom tiles, meaning you will no longer be faced with unsightly mould.

Our Portofino bespoke polished plaster is also 100% waterproof, making it durable and long-lasting as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Our Portofino Plaster

Our Franco ‘Portofino’ is a thin coat polished plaster – our unique formulation is based on traditional blends which have been adapted using the latest methods of material science, improving its level of versatility and making it easier to use and apply.

Our bespoke polished plaster contains refined limestones, marble and powder additive to give durability, workability and strength.

Book Your Polished Plaster Wet Room Today

If you’re thinking of installing a wet room into your home, we believe that there is no better suited material to use than polished plaster. You will be left with a beautifully finished, waterproof room that has been designed based on your style preferences.

Your chic new wet room will be sure to impress your visitors, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your ideas with our team.

We are based in Kent, but offer our polished plaster services throughout London and the South of England. To find out more about polished plaster wet rooms, contact us today or call us directly on 020 8970 7727.