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Our Vitrino plaster uses our own Portofino plaster as a base coat before we apply Venetian plaster over the top. This produces a highly polished appearance for your wall surfaces. Vitrino plaster is best suited to feature walls and areas where there will be no direct contact with water. This makes our Vitrino polished plaster perfect for interior use.

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A Highly Polished Appearance

The Vitrino plaster is striking yet durable, either as a statement addition to a room or a complementary surface to your current interior aesthetic. Feature walls in rooms such as sun-lounges, hallways, and dining areas have been transformed by the addition of this polished plaster. Due to its highly reflective quality, good lighting enhances the polished effect. Our experienced operatives can collaborate with the design team and advise your construction and development professionals in order to deliver unique polished plaster surfaces and to complete the projects on time.


Enhance Your Property

We are able to customise your Vitrino plaster to your tastes. It is available in a wide range of colours to complement your current décor or to become the statement piece in your chosen room, where the light plays and reflects off its finished surface beautifully. Colour customisation is something that our design team will discuss with you when you first begin your project with us.


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Franco Polished Plaster has been established since 1990, so we have decades of experience in the wall and home surfaces industry. There is no better team to entrust your home or business renovation to. Based in Kent, we operate throughout London and across the U.K.

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