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Franco Polished Plaster is proud to offer Portofino, a form of marmorino plaster. Portofino plaster is specifically designed to be versatile and can be used across many different aspects of design, from wet rooms to exterior walls. The finished product can be smooth, pitted, or dragged and can be tinted to your chosen colour scheme or finished with a metallic or pearlised surface. Franco Polished Plaster created Portofino plaster to be capable of high impact and wear whilst still maintaining a tasteful, contemporary appearance.

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An Elevated Finish

As well as being highly durable, Portofino plaster is manufactured in the UK and is accompanied by a 10-year guarantee. Our experienced operatives can collaborate with the design team and advise your construction and development professionals like architects, interior designers, and private clients so as to deliver the highest quality finish and complete the project on time. Our polished plaster has embellished beautiful homes with wall surfaces, chimney flues, building exteriors, feature walls, wet rooms, and private pool walls, to name but a few of the successful client projects we have completed.


Unique to You

We are able to tint the Portofino plaster which you choose for your wall surfaces to best suit your current aesthetic. Whether you would like the polished plaster to become a focal design point of the premises, or would prefer it to blend in and complement your current décor, we are happy to discuss this with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied upon completion.


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At Franco Polished Plaster, we have been supplying homes and businesses with our one-of-a-kind polished plaster for 30 years. The team at Franco’s, which was established in 1990, has spent many years developing our products to ensure that our formulation is like no other. Based in Kent, we mainly operate throughout London and the South of England, but are happy to travel further afield.

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