Bathrooms and Wet Rooms

Bathrooms and Wet Rooms

Franco ‘Portofino’ is a highly durable lime based plaster which can be used as an alternative to Tadelakt. Great for creating professional finish for bathrooms and wet rooms.

Franco ‘Portofino’ has been designed to be hand applied, which can be finished in a variety of ways and has a high knock resistance. The raw materials and pigments are factory blended to give consistency in batching. Sealers & water based treatments ensure excellent water shedding properties. This gives ‘Portofino’ its unique look and feel.

Franco “Portofino” Covering for Bathrooms and Wet Rooms


Franco ‘Portofino’ is a 2 coat application material which is applied in fine coats. Typical finished thickness is 2mm including a Portofino key coat. 

Appearance: Franco ‘Portofino’ has a smooth, polished, mottled finish. It has a similar look and feel to Tadelakt plaster, which has both depth and a sheen. It is available in a comprehensive range of colours to complement the design. Portofino can also be used as a polished plaster. 

Fire Resistance: Franco ‘Portofino’ is non-combustible and meets the class ‘O’ fire rating when applied to Blucald substrates which complies to Euro AZ-BS-EN13501-1.

Storage: Franco ‘Portofino’ should be stored in dry conditions, off the ground and above 4 degrees celcius. 


Preparation, Mixing and Application: Franco Finishes Ltd supply and install. Boards may be fixed by your bathroom installer inline with our specification. The product is pre-mixed to the required colour 2/4 days before application. Individual specification required. An application service is offered. 

Coverage: 15 sq.m per 32kg container including key coat and finishing coats. 

Supply and Price: Price on application, costs vary based on colours.

The wet room system

  • 10mm Render carrier board 
  • 3mm Stainless steel beads & stainless steel fixing 
  • 4mm Polymer render & mesh cloth backing 
  • 0.5mm Portofino key coat 
  • 1.5mm Portofino polished plaster 
  • 2 coats silicon sealer 
  • 2 coats of satin water based sealer 

Good Practice

  1. Always fix 12mm marine ply to stud wall first 
  2. Complete all tanking system thereafter 
  3. All tiling completed prior to Franco System